Chennevières-sur-Marne, in the Department of the Val-de-Marne, is situated on high ground overlooking the River Marne and the city of Paris, 10 miles away, or 30 minutes by RER from the nearest station at Champigny.


There is a charming old quarter in this long established town and the terrace behind the Old Town Hall, Mairie, offers a wonderful panorama of Greater Paris. Nearby is the fine 13th Century Church of St Peter, the Music Conservatory and the Chennevières Vineyard - ‘Clos St Vincent’.


Chennevières has a modern aspect to it with new schools, housing and a thriving commercial centre.


The population of nearly 18,000 enjoy many facilities for sports and leisure including a swimming pool heated by underground thermal energy. There are some excellent local walking excursions including paths along the banks of the River Marne.


Between the old and new parts of Chennevières is the ‘Littlehampton Square’ which is adjacent to the muti-purpose Roger Lafaille Theatre, commemorating a previous mayor, and the modern Town Hall and council offices.


Some of the places that our Twinning members have visited include: Paris, Van Gogh’s House at Auvers, Le Bouget Air Museum, an Orchid Nursery, Compiègne, Épernay in the Champagne Region and Fontainebleau.


The Commune publishes a regular magazine called ‘Le MAG’ you can see a recent copy here:                                                    Le MAG     (You may need an enabled Flash Player plug-in to view this)

In recent years Chennevières has adopted a new logo to reflect its modern outlook. Previously the town used its historic coat of arms shown here.

The shield is surmounted by a three towers - a symbol of protection borrowed from Greek goddesses. It was attributed to the communes of Seine-et-Oise by the heraldic commission. Chennevières was part of this department of Paris until 1967.

In the coat of arms the keys, those to paradise held by Saint Peter, recall that Chennevières was built around the 13th century church of Saint-Pierre. On both sides, the fleur-de-lys represent membership of the Ile-de-France. The white wave symbolizes the Marne and below, a hemp plant is represented and demonstrates the origin of the name of the city. Hemp, as well as vines which surround the shield covered the slopes that run down to the Marne. A reinstated vineyars, Clos St Vincent can be found behind the old Mairie.


Finally, the motto of Chennevières inscribed in Latin means "faithful to its soil as to its past".


The modern logo is simply the ‘C’ of Chennevières. There is a representation of the Marne and a dynamism to represent the ethos of building for the future.

The Gateway to the Old Fort
We Twinned with Chennevières-sur-Marne in 1982
Recent visit to Chennevières